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Electricity powers so much of our everyday lives. It can be tough to live without our electrical appliances for even a day. When you experience electrical problems at your home or business, get electrical installation or repair from Key Electric Heating and Air.

We can dig deep to find the cause of your electrical issues, then get to work on the electrical repair or installation you need. Once we're done, your residential or commercial building will be fully equipped to power all of your devices and appliances.

Email us now to discuss your electrical problems in the Kellyville, OK region.

When should you hire a professional electrician?

When should you hire a professional electrician?

That small repair or installation may seem easy, but don't tackle it alone. Key Electric Heating and Air can handle the project for you. An expert electrician...

  • Knows how to safely handle electrical wiring and panels
  • Saves you the stress of working on your electrical repair
  • Provides peace of mind that your electrical installation goes smoothly

Protect yourself and your budget with professional repairs or installations from Key Electric Heating and Air. Call us today to schedule a service in Kellyville, OK.